I would like to give you a brief overview of how our day went.


Firstly we had excellent weather, Over 100 farmers attended our event. We inspected 50 bulls phase B & D as well as 45 heifers. There were approximately 50 members from the AFRICAN MUSLIM FARMERS ASSOCIATION (AMFA) as well as members from THE NEWCASTLE CATTLE BREEDERS ASSOCIATION (NCBA).


Our senior inspectors were Arthur de Villiers, Nico Pieterse and Pieter Lourens. They made a concerted effort to host the entire inspection in English to accommodate the AMFA & NCBA members who are mostly English speaking. Majority of them are from NN Newcastle and KZN regions.


Our respective inspectors made excellent headway for the Bonsmara breed by displaying professionalism and attention to detail with regards to correctly observing and describing the animals being inspected. Their approach to teaching our guests the criteria of good selection was very captivating using excellent good and poor examples of animals. I had many positive comments and compliments from the attendees about our inspectors who also noted how strict the inspection was conducted.


I cannot thank them enough!


We had a very good response to the journals and gifts that we handed out as well. My wife prepared a 3 course meal that knocked our guests off their feet. We had many positive comments and compliments which made it all worth it at the end.


In general we are very positive of the impact of such an event and consider our day to be highly successful.


I am very grateful for choosing Bonsmara to breed with as well as being part of such a great society.


Cassim Hassim

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