The Red Breed Event

On the 15th of March 2017 Bonsmara SA held our yearly The Red Breed Event together with our National Female Sale. The day was well attended with about 250 people attending the event. Like always there were excellent speakers at the event.

Dr. Joggie Briedenhann from Hartebeestloop Bonsmaras in Nambia compared the Tour de France with cattle breeding. The Bonsmara breed is to the cattle industry the same as the leader in the yellow jersey in the Tour de France. Bonsmara breeders are leaders in the industry and the Bonsmara has shown in the drought that it is an adaptable breed that can perform in all different breeding systems.

GP van Rheede van Oudsthoorn from North West University gave some tips on communication and why it is so important for a societies like Bonsmara SA as well as every farmer to have good communication systems in place and why it is so important to have good communication in your farming business at all times.

Danie Olivier from Hotvoor Bonsmaras showed the importance of the National Carcass Competition to the cattle industry and why the Bonsmara has excellent carcass qualities. a Bonsmara carcass has been the national winner for the last 6 years in South Africa.

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