Please follow the steps below to become a member of the Bonsmara SA Cattle Breeders’ Society

  1. Click below to download application forms:
  2. Performance Testing is a prerequisite for membership to the Bonsmara breeders society
  3. 20 Bonsmara type females are required for the initial herd. Application and request for inspection must be completed if any unapproved basic animals are involved
  4. Completed membership applications should be sent to the Bonsmara SA offices together with:
    • A map indicating directions from the nearest main road to the farm as well as stating distances between locations
    • Six short names for the registration of the herd prefix and a choice of three herd designation marks, each made up of three letters
    • Cheque covering the required fees

More information regarding the Bonsmara breed or membership will be made available upon request.

The Bonsmara SA Society is proud of the exceptional service we strive to provide to our members as well as the industry as a whole. Through dedication and hard work, our tight knitted team efficiently communicates with all the members on a regular basis to assist each commercial and stud breeder to achieve individual success.

For more information on Bonsmara SA or how to become a member of the society, please contact us:
Tel: 051 448 6084 | Email: