The development and implementation of the Bonsmara SA System over many years, has scientifically moulded the breed to become the benchmark in breeding to provide for the needs in the beef cattle industry. Today the breed plays an important role in:

Cross breeding: Bonsmara bulls cross extremely well with a variety of breeds and types. Commercial breeders who continue to use Bonsmara bulls will not forfeit productivity after the first cross. Bonsmara is a synthetic breed that performs extremely well in cross breeding programs.

Stud breeding:  Bonsmara is ideally suited to South African conditions. The purpose of stud breeding as seen by the Bonsmara SA Cattle Breeders’ Society, is to satisfy the needs of the commercial breeders. Bonsmara SA is also setting the pace by breeding cattle to perform in all environments by using scientific selection procedures.

Feedlot performance: Bonsmara has proved to be a popular breed for the feedlot market. Bonsmaras’ feedlot performance is highly economical, their temperament is suited for the feedlot and as a result tender meat of high quality is produced. Carcasses grade well from the veld or feedlot, with high dressing percentages, even fat deposition, marbling and excellent muscle to bone ratio.